August 26, 2010

Part Of The Problem

Hey! We're recording our album. Actually, do you even call 'em albums anymore? We're doing it on the budget plan of course. Our tech savvy lead gee-tar-ist has set up his basement as a recording studio. Guitars and drums are down and it's about time for l'il ole me to "contribute" my bass lines.

It seems all of our toonage is family oriented. That is, if you're in the Manson Family!We've got songs about mass murderers, fecal matter raining from the skies, systemic overthrow, and of course dope, guns and fucking in the streets.

We're all pretty psyched for this. We recorded one tune last fall (The Love Theme To Kids Go To The Woods, Kids Get Dead); and that was a blast- but we did it in a real recording studio and while it came out great, we were aware that it was co$ting us $$$ (not that we minded that much, since the best Punk Rock engineer/studio did it!)

And... this time, I'll be sober! Because time is money. Even when it's not costing money! Or something.

It's been old Brit music day today at the Spahn Ranch- Have at 'em!

The Stranglers - No More Heroes
Wire - I Am The Fly
The Saints - This Perfect Day
The Damned - There Ain't So Sanity Clause
Gang Of Four - Armalite Rifle


Heff said...

Recording your own shit is COOL. I had a blast when we did it.

Knochenfabrikant and SIN said...

Nice blog :)

you're in our friend-list, now ;)

Greetz SIN