December 15, 2010

Frank Turner - Rock & Roll

When was the last time you really got knocked on your ass by a new album? Frank Turner's Rock & Roll did it for me.
Five folk-punk songs all about the joys and pains of our lifeblood.

Think Billy Bragg or Ted Leo. It's not busking, but Turner's voice is out in front of (mostly) acoustic guitar, piano and drums.

Turner leads his band in sparsely instrumentalized odes to what keeps many of us alive. In the call to arms opener "I Still Believe" - he sings "Who would've thought that something as simple as rock n roll would have saved us all".

Poignantly, "To Absent Friends" is reminicent of The Clash's "Jail Guitar Doors" and Stiff Little Fingers' "Wait And See". "Rock And Roll Romance" is a ballad about the only kind of romance you find- failed. A great companion piece to Loudon Wainwright III's "Motel Blues".

The other two songs "Pass It Along" and "The Next Round" are equally marvelous.

Fucking breathtaking.

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beyesn said...

Love it! Amazing album...and "I Still Believe" is an anthem for everyone who loves great r&r music. Poetry of the Deed, indeed!