December 3, 2010

My Mambo In Law

My mom in law is awesome. Everyone should have one just like her. She's the kind of person who leaves money in our house for us to find and takes a train for an hour just to bring us soup when we're not feeling well. She's also Brazilian and a bit wacky (in a good way!). Anyway- she was looking to buy some mambo and meringe music and I said I would hook her up. She especially wanted some Tito Puente stuff so I took care of it and now I have been listening to Tito Puente all week! And loving it. So, I am offering up some Tito Puente here.

Enjoy it and mambo and samba yer arses off!!!!!!!! 
(Click here for Tito Puente: King Of Kings)

1 comment:

James said...

Cool story. Reminds me of the day many years ago, as curious young man I dropped into a Latino record shop in San Francisco's Mission District and asked for a recommendation for "salsa" and was handed a Tito Puente record. Now I'm on 20 yrs of listening to El Rey and Mambo and lovin' it!