January 5, 2011

Trust Your "Mechanic"

On New Years eve, in Arkansas, thousands of birds fell dead from the sky and close to 100,000 fish washed up dead. Apparently, this has not created any kind of worry with our trustworthy "officials". I have been checking google maps to see if any towns in Arkansas have "disappeared". You know how it goes: traffic is rerouted, soldiers in biohazard suits with automatic weapons are stationed at the highway exits, next thing you know, Captain Trips is a-coming and Randall Flagg is helping people choose sides.

Nothin' to see here, folks!

HEY- If you haven't gotten the Grinderman 2 album yet, whaddya waiting for? Check the video below and multiply by a whole album.  I ain't posting any songs to d/l because Nick Cave deserves your money!!!!!!!

Come to think of it, Nick Cave might be responsible for all the dead birds and fish!


AC'63 said...

Damn man I thought you were talking about this Captain Trips, I'd love to see him show up.

Its Arkansas anyway.. who would miss it.

Uncle E said...

Love the DK reference...