July 24, 2011

All The News That's Fit To Print

Reading the Sunday paper today, I commented to Missus Nomad that I would pay a premium to get a newspaper that only printed good news. She took the opposite view, that people read the paper because they WANT the bad news.
I barely read the front of the paper anymore. I don't want to know about this or this or (especially) this.

I stick with the Sports.

Although, THIS is effing awesome!

Hey check out these guys! A combo of Visigoth fashion, electric light orchestra and too many viewings of The Road Warrior! They think they're bad-ass, and then they have a chick playing accordion! Punk fucking rawk!

1 comment:

infinite fool said...

Wait a minute. Did I miss something? When did the Moody Blues get raped by Gwar?