July 25, 2011

Too Much Too Young

Princess Nomad came home from a party last nite and informed us that one of her peers is pregnant.

16 and fucking pregnant.  We know this poor kid and we've known her parents since she was 3 years old.

Most of the kids she knows from school are into dope or drinking or fucking.

I thank (insert imaginary deity of your choice) every day that my children are L7 (squaresville). Straight Edge. Theater gleeks and xbox heads.

As fucking stupid, crazy and irresponsible as I am... I am ever grateful that it looks like it skipped a generation.

Hug your kids... it's a dark and bumpy ride.


Jon said...

I was just thinking about this. My stepdaughter is a very quiet girl. She just turned 16. She likes the mormon church girl's basketball league. She's active in student government. She still likes to watch the Disney channel.
My sister, who has disowned me, portrays herself as the queen of the squares. Her insanely tidy house is decorated with little scottie dogs. She enjoys wearing things made by Burberry. She likes to claim her WASP heritage, such as it is.
When she was 16, same age as my stepdaughter, she liked to go into Manhattan and hang out at Port Authority claiming to be a runaway. She would get picked up by pimps who would drive her and her girlfriends around in their cars, buy them dinner and give them all the drugs they wanted. When they'd had their fill, she and her friends had a signal, and when they saw a subway station they would throw open the car door and run like hell for the subway, eventually making their way back to the suburbs and home.
For a while I was worried that my stepdaughter was too damn nice but given how badly my sister turned out I'm glad she is the way she is. If the nice thing ever stops working and she goes crazy, she knows my history and she knows she can talk to me.

Anonymous said...

You've been a perfect bad example to your kids. They're learning from your mistakes (maybe?)

I knew a guy whose parents were hippies who raised him in a cave. He rebelled by being very prim to the point of acting like a butler.