July 31, 2011

Embracing The Chaos

I spent 10 hours in the Charlotte North Carolina airport last Friday (thanks to storms cancelling flights rather haphazardly). In this time, 2 hours were spent on a runway, before we went back to the gate. After scrambling and booking/cancelling/unbooking 5 different flights I finally made it back to NY at 2 am Saturday morning.

The whole time, I was rather bemused and enjoying the chaos of the situation. Embracing the madness. People were freaking out and screaming at the poor Airport staffers, as if it was their fault that Mother Nature was taking a giant piss on the eastern half of the U.S. of A.

I kept Missus Nomad updated on the goings-ons and she couldn't belief my sanguine calm. Especially when, the "old school Nazz" woulda probably been arrested for leading a riot. I had a few beers- without losing my shit. And I even socialized with my fellow travelers.

I felt bad for the people with babies and young kids, but eventually everyone made it out of the airport.

Besides, it'll make for a memory of some weirdness. And ya gotta dig the weirdness when ya can!

And then I spent the weekend on a float in my pool, roasting and burning my lazy ass!

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Big splotches of chaos, like you experienced, and small, like when the lights went out in the mall when I was there recently, give life a fullness we do not get from routine living and they sure do make memories. And you know something else? There is a lot more chaos out there than you might think. Might as well embrace it. It is the American way, once the ammunition runs out.