July 9, 2011

Live For Today

From the always excellent site Willard's Wormholes, comes sad news that The Grass Roots' singer/bassist Rob Grill is in a coma and not expected to survive.

One of the great "singles bands" from the 60's, The Grass Roots have had a lasting legacy, with cover versions of their songs done by such alt legends as The Replacements, and Stiv Bator's Lord's Of The New Church.

The "walking bass line" on "Midnite Confessions" has always been a source of amazement for me. 

And dig Jimmy Durante doing an intro- holy retro!

And here's the 'Mats covering "Temptation Eyes"

1 comment:

Your driver said...

Nazz, you just brightened the shit out of a difficult morning. I thought I was the only elderly "punk" motherfucker who thought The Grass Roots were a genius band.