September 22, 2011

I Am An Industry Pillar (or something)

I was at a big time industry dinner awards event at a real fancy NYC venue last night. ... 350 of the big boys in my chosen vocation... real big boys...owners of billion dollar companies, execs , pillars of the industry. Fancy finger foods, open bar, expensive suits.

And me. 

My suit costs less than most of these fuckers hankies.

En Why See Police commisioner Ray Kelly was the honoree. He spoke about being vigilant in the post 9/11 era. Whoever wrote his speech did a fine job. Then he left for a date with Obama...who's in town for the United Nations clusterfuck/circlejerk.

So in my old poor age I find myself at an event wearing a cheap black suit paying homage to the chief of nyc cops (and I want to state that he does a motherfucking great job- and has saved our sorry liberal asses many many times over the last ten years), making small talk with a bunch of wealthy upper class people that wouldn't be able to name a Black Flag tune if they had a gun pointed at them. Don't get me wrong...everyone was very nice and pleasent.
People usually are when they are looking down at you.

If someone woulda told me 20 years ago that I would be on the legal side of the law, making small talk at an event honoring "THE MAN", I woulda either hung myself or told the guy he was crazy. But there I was, holding a Ketel One in one hand and a plate of fancy finger food in the other.

At least the booze was free.

All reminding me of a day a few years back in which I was the honoree of an award. I had to give a speech, and I was really nervous. Mrs. Nomad advised me to eat a Xanax, which would calm me down. So of course I ate two of them. They kicked in about a half hour before my speech. I remember nothing of the events that transpired, with the exception of a bright red L.E.D. light that was blinking on the podium.

I was not invited back the next year.

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Uncle E said...

It happens, my man, it happens. But we can still have our little rebellions. As an example, I still wear my "Eat The Rich" t-shirt under my suit when I have to attend such functions.

And I haven't forgotten my Black Flag tunes!