September 19, 2011

Read These

Old Nazz has got some book recommendations for you. Hey- reading is fun-da-mental! Or something.

Last One To Die - Michael Essington: Mike E. is an old time West Coast (L.A.) punk and has written his "memoirs". Equal parts observations on family, the scene and his history in the maelstrom of el lay Punk, Mike's writing is thoughtful and even poignant. You come out of reading this book with the desire to know the guy personally. If only the East Coast and Left Coast woulda merged... I coulda called him friend. And you should be checking out his stuff on STRANGE REACTION too! Great articles on Punk and great stories about his past. Support your peers, ya scurvy dogs!

Speed-Speed-Speedfreak - Mick Farren: Of course you know who Mick Farren is. The guy has written more cool stuff than just about anyone this side of Terry Southern. Speed-Speed-Speedfreak is billed as a "Fast History Of The Amphetamine"; and it ties in Hitler, the military, JFK and the Hells Angels in telling the sordid and not so sordid history of Mother's Little Helper. Some of it veers into conspiracy history (but that's not unusual for Farren), but it's a fast paced treatise on a drug that has greatly influenced both cultural and political history. As a bonus, the book is shaped like a capsule! Click here for Mick Farren's website.

 Violence Girl - Alice Bag: In which Alice Bag, the former lead singer of seminal L.A. punk band The Bags dishes on her somewhat troubled upbringing and the early days of the Los Angeles punk scene. Alice interacted with virtually every member of the early scene (Darby Crash, Belinda Carlisle, etc) and her experiences make for a fun read. While this book touches on some sloppy behavior (ie drugs, booze, etc) it isn't really an expose of the West Coast scene.

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