September 7, 2011

Some Music You Should Hear

And it’s time for a record round up. All of the following are heartily recommended, and if you can’t trust your old pal Nazz, then all hope is lost!

The New Rochelles: “It’s New” - The second or third or fifteenth coming of the Ramones. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  12 songs in 14 minutes. They cop every important aspect of Duh Brudders (same surnames, snappy toonage, whacked out song subjects) without the annoying stuff (oh wait a minute, there is no annoying stuff when it comes to The Ramones !!!!!).  Fuckin’ A!

M.O.T.O:  Pack Your Troubles In Dreams   - Thanks to Brushback at “One Base On An Overthrow for reminding me how good this band is. 30 year vets of the lo-fi garage-punk scene.  Funnier than a hemorrhage and the songs stick to you like ebola. Or something. Pick hits: “Satan Always Calls Collect”, “Radio Wall of Phlegm” and “Dance Dance Dance Dance To The Radio”.

The Okmoniks – Party Fever!!! – Cheesy keyboards, hot chick singing. Pure pop for now people. Kinda like the Mummies mate with The Muffs;  but not really. Especially since there's only one girl in The Muffs, besides, how would that work... I mean with The Mummies wrappings and everything? Extra points because I think they named their band after the neighbors in ALF.

The Dwarves – The Dwarves Are Born Again: The band that wouldn't die. Advice of the day: “Let’s Get High And Fuck Some Sluts”. It’s The Dwarves. Nuff said.

Flip City – Demo’s: Elvis Costello’s band when he was still Joey Goldstein (or whatever his real name is.) Sorta like Springsteen, if the boss had no delusions of grandeur and was born in the UK. Interesting to listen to as it has early versions of “Radio Radio” (“Radio Soul”) and “Living In Paradise”


Rinjo Njori! said...

Have to say the Okmoniks are my fave's on this list. Dwarves and The New Rochelles (from NJ, WTF)

Rinjo Njori! said...

you might also dig The night Birds