May 10, 2012

Guh Guh Guh Go-Go's

I scored a free ticket (hey, tix are 60 clams- no way I'd pay 25% of that!) for the Go-Go's out here in Pussyville. Punk Rock? For sure! One of the original punk femme bands (in at the beginnings of the el lay Punk scene-- besides, Belinda was in The Germs for about 5 seconds too).

Cred? Shit yeah! Great toonage- linkage with The Specials/Fun Boy Three (Our Lips Are Sealed), Redd Kross (Charlotte Caffrey's hubby being Jeff McDonald), Jane Weidlin is a legally ordained wedding officiant who performs ceremonies as "Reverend Sister Go-Go".

Sounds pretty Punk to me! And, certainly should be fun.

Besides- great songs of course- the soundtrack to my Noo Wave youth.

I am expecting alot of middle aged Lawn Guyland Milf's trying to recapture their youth- good for them! I'll be the lecherous old man eyeing middle aged girls with bad intent.




Uncle E said...

no, a thousand times no.


Anonymous said...

Actually a good show- the band was in fine form. Really nice venue also. However... $9 beers put a major dent in my wallet!

nazz nomad

Uncle E said...

I'm just fuckin' with ya 'cause I know you can take it. I do have some respect for the girrrrllllss.