May 31, 2012

Hardcore Thursday

Dragging ass today, so I decided to blast Hardcore Punk all day. Yeah, old Nazz traveled in these circles back in the day (albeit as a long haired non straight edger). Fuck the straight edge skins (ironic as Nazz now has a shaved head- but that's more due to genetics and Mother Nature's ironic sense of justice), Joey Ramone and Mick Jones were long haired freaks, so I was in good company. 

I never really got the whole straight edge thing- what was better than getting wasted and laid when you were a teen (or for that matter- now!~). Besides, most of the hardcore kids I knew were not straight edge at all. That's sorta what really killed the scene- the dogmatism and inherent judgmental bullshit. 

 The days of CBGB's Sunday matinees and Irving Plaza punk fests might be way over, but the music sorta still lives on. Minor Threat, Kraut, Reagan Youth, Crucial Youth, etc... (mostly) good times! 

 Feast on these and remember...  

I'm a person just like you.
 But I've got better things to do. 
Than sit around and fuck my head.
 Hang out with the living dead. 
 Snort white shit up my nose.
 Pass out at the shows.
 I don't even think about speed. 
That's something I just don't need. I've got a the straight edge. 


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demo tapes said...

straight edge is LOLZ....!>!>!>?!?!1-029ywog;