May 16, 2012

Best Day Ever

 Iggy w/ Mike Watt rockin' the 'stache

Steve Van Zandt has done some pretty cool things in his life. The coolest one ever was the Little Steven's Underground GarageFest back in 2004. (cool thing number 2 was a show he whipped up a few years later at NYC's Continental where my band got to open the show- but that's a story for another time).
He gathered pretty much every cool band in the universe and put em all on an Island in NYC's East River to play their hearts out for a few thousand mutants. Everyone from Bo Diddley to The Stooges to The Fleshtones to Nancy Sinatra to The Dictators The Electric Fucking Prunes to Big Star to The Fuzztones to Pete Best to The New York Dolls to

Bo Diddley

And everyone from Springsteen to Chuck Barris to Kim Fowley mc'ing!

Go-Go girls dancin', cheap beer, sunshine. Perfect.

The only downer was The Strokes performance. Because The Strokes fucking suck.

I got to spend The Stooges set camped on stage right by Mike Watt's bass stack. As I looked out to thousands of freaks going nuts, I thought about the world's greatest and (definitely fatal) stage dive. I passed. Why ruin a perfect day. On the other hand, what a way to die.


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