May 29, 2012

It's Coming!

The shit's going down. The Zombie apocalypse has begun. From Florida to China to North Korea, it's Zombie time!
They can call it cannibalism...but we know the truth... don't we!

It tied up beach traffic!!!!!!!

Some survival tips


AC'63 said...

this is just to freaky .. damn drugs made us do some stupid things, but that goes way to far.. Have you got your zombie survival guide?

Anonymous said...

We Nomads have been ready for this for many years. Empty bottles for molotov's, barred windows, guns, gasoline reserves, and a healthy distrust of authorities.

I blame the hippies for this whole Zombie outbreak. Or the government. Or society as a whole. Actually, I blame everything. Except me. Because isn't that what being American is all about?

- Nazz Nomad

infinite fool said...

It's about fucking time! Got my shotgun cleaned and loaded and Mrs. Infinite is sharpening the kids' boomerangs as we speak. Bring it on, undead scum!