October 22, 2007

Bands My Wife Hates

In the wonderful give and take of marriage; one learns that there are certain "tastes" that are not shared by both spouses. Rarely is this more apparent than in what each participant considers acceptable music. Luckily, one of the things the missus and I have in common is an approximately 80% "hit rate" when it comes to our toonage. Over the years, together, we have enjoyed everything from the Ramones to The Circle Jerks to The Grateful Dead to Aerosmith to Tom Jones. Plus, she still loves Punk Rock (except whiny emo pussy bands, but I can't blame her for that).

Hell, she has even liked some of MY band's music! Now that's true love.

However, there are those certain bands that we don't see eye to eye on. She has veered over to alot of more popular bands over the years (probably as a result of being held captive by my teenage daughter's radio pre-sets). I can't even mention some of the bands she can tolerate (well- how about Evanescence and Lincoln Park for starters).

On the other hand, she makes me change the channel or skip the song whenever George Thorogood or Bob Dylan or (especially) Weezer come on.

Thank the lord that we both agree that Phish, Billy Joel and Phil Collins should all be burned at the stake.

So viva la difference (or somethin' like that).

Here's some stuff that I like but my better half considers aural torture.



manicgirl said...

No Chrissy Hynde??? I don't know. I know the wife puts up with a lot from you, but right here is your share of the burden. Point to that next time you're in hot water.

Zooomabooma said...

You couldn't find a gayer cartoon to post up? Holy geez... I hope your wife didn't draw it. If she did then what I meant to say is she's a great artist and how cute.

p.s. i look forward to a comment when i get around to playing billy joel and phil collins one of these days... phish on the otherhand, will NEVER be played by me. I'm vomiting in my mind just thinking about it.

Nazz Nomad said...

The "Love Is" cartoon is pure punk rock.

Billy Joel and Phil Collins should have the "William Wallace" treatment from Braveheart performed on them.


MRow said...

It must be said: your wife's got real taste, my friend. And here, I thought all WEEZER fans got trampled in that WEEZER DEMOLITION NIGHT held at Comiskey Park in that cold, cold winter of '94. I guess not.

Anonymous said...

You call yourself a musician and you want to burn other musicians at the stake? God help us if cultural fascists like you ever have any influence in the world.

infinitefool said...

You think you got it bad? I married a Pete Seeger/James Taylor fan. At least it's better than the former girlfriend who played Air Supply's Greatest Hits every day - on an 8 track tape so it kept repeating over and over and over until I fled screaming into the night. I'd have left sooner, but she did have some fascinating skills...

Highlander said...

Aaahhh the subtle nuances of love that mean my wife and my Dad can happily discuss all manner of classical music while I find most of it unbearable (esp opera). I am even at the stage of ripping my Dad's old vinyl and my wifes new CD's so they can swap Brahms, Haydn et al.

Of course she isn't big on Ausgang, Bone Orchard and numerous other 80's Goth bands so we can agree to differ.

I'd put our crossover taste at about 65-70% which is good enough for me - and her obviously.

Nazz Nomad said...
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Nazz Nomad said...

Dear Mr. or Ms. Anonymous: I have never called myself a musician. I am a Punk Rocker. And cultural fascist? Cool! I've never been called that before. I have to get new business cards.

And folks, I would never complain in the least about my wife's taste in music. After all, she displayed her worst decision in taste and judgement when she agreed to marry me!

Anonymous said...

I don't play any music in the car when my girlfriend's with me. I don't want to play DJ and I don't want to force music on anyone anyway. It's also harder to have a conversation.


infinitefool said...

Ever since James baker left town cultural fascists haven't gotten nearly enough attention, imho. Thus I'm sadly under-informed as to the nature of cultural fascism. Do you have a manifesto or a newsletter or buttons with pithy sayings on them? Anything you use to spread the word about cultural fascism would be fine - just so I can know what you stand for, beyond burning crappy musicians that is.

Nazz Nomad said...

Imma gonna have to ruminate on it.

Maybe create some Cultural Fascist (tm copyright 2007 all rights reserved) T-Shirts with a picture of Billy Joel burning at the stake? How about 4 different shirts, each with a different member of Phish?

Cause, y'know it's all about the merchandising.

jonderneathica said...

My wife's musical tastes have gotten more mainstream too. And she doesn't go with me to shows anymore. *sigh* Meanwhile my preteen son is getting into nu-metal and screamo.

My wife can't stand to listen to the Fall or anyone who "sings" like Mark E. Smith (e.g., Craig Finn from the Hold Steady). But I agree with you, Nazz: I can't complain about the taste of anyone who chose to put up with me. And things could be worse: my sympathies to infinitefool!