October 9, 2007

The Yankees Were Slain By The Lord

"And so it came to pass that Andrew, the old warrior, the fabled left-handed slinger, was called upon to rout the Tribe of Cleveland, and it was good. But Andrew tired and and left in the heat of battle when Joseph, his chief, relieved him in favor of the young stalwart, Job-a.
"Now Job-a, true to form as the savior of the Yankees, quelled the charge made by the Clevelands, and he basked in the favor of his brothers and rested. But G-d was ill-favored by this turn of events. He set the locusts upon Job-A when he returned to the battlefront and the brash young warrior, the favorite of the people, suffered his first defeat. The battle belonged to the Clevelands, and the people were left to wonder why G-d had forsaken the Yankees, the Yankees He had loved so dearly and rewarded so handsomely for nigh on a century."

PS: A-ROD SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


Descendents - Everything Sucks

Grateful Dead - Loser (live 4-7-72)

Detroit Cobras - Now You're Gone

Rancid - Lock, Step and Gone

Wire - I Am The Fly (live CBGB's 1978)

Ian Hunter - Cleveland Rocks

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