October 24, 2007

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams
to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.
~Rene Descartes
"Meditations on First Philosophy"

Having some real sleep related issues as of late. I have always been a very vivid dreamer. But lately, it's been a nite at the frikkin movies everytime I get shut eye. And the dreams are so intense that I'm more tired than ever when I wake up. As an added bonus, I am having trouble differentiating my dream state from reality with regard to my memories. There have been quite a few times where I think back to events and I am sure that things I dreamed about actually happened.
Whether is is stress related or brought on by a significant reduction in my consumption of intoxicants is up for debate.

But that's all my cross to bear, not yours. You benefit from my soporific albatross by getting access to the Bleedin' Out Dream Mix. You got to download the whole thang. While it won't incur slumber, it'll rock ya in yer pyjama's.


  1. Roy Orbison - In Dreams
  2. Aerosmith - Dream On (live 4-15-07)
  3. The Barracudas - I Saw My Death In A Dream Last Nite
  4. Black Sabbath - Tomorrow's Dream (live 1973)
  5. Bob Dylan - All I Have To Do Is Dream
  6. Cheap Trick - Dream Police
  7. David Bowie - Moonage Daydream (demo)
  8. Gang Of Four - We Live As We Dream Alone
  9. Go Go Gorillas - It Was A Nightmare
  10. The Hookers - Runaway Nightmare
  11. Hot Tuna - Serpent Of Dreams
  12. Husker Du - Reoccurring Dreams
  13. Jawbox - Airwaves Dream (Buzzcocks Cover)
  14. Mamas And The Papas - California Dreamin' (live Monterey 1968)
  15. Pink Floyd - Julia Dream (live 8-11-1968)
  16. Screeching Weasel - You'll Be In My Dreams Tonight
  17. The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Nite
  18. The Jam - Dream Time (live 1980)
  19. The Jam - Dreams Of Children (live 1980)
  20. The Stepmothers - Where Is The Dream
  21. Weezer - I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
  22. Yo La Tengo - Dreaming (Blondie Cover)

1 comment:

aikin said...

I feel for you, man - I got a lot of the same sleep-related issues....