January 24, 2008

Airwaves dreaming

"I like radio better than television because if you make a mistake on radio, they don't know. You can make anything up on radio."
Phil Rizzuto

"Anytime in radio that you can reach somebody on an emotional level, you're really connecting."
Casey Kasem

"I love the fact that 35 years later, I still hear my songs on the radio."
Ronnie Spector
"The radio makes hideous sounds"
Bob Dylan

Long ago, bands used to need radio airplay to expose their music to the masses. There are dozens of songs that reflect this. Here are a few you may not have that come to mind...

I absolutely love the concept of the Ramones being packaged for the kindergarten set; complete with children singing in the background! When my progeny were tots, one of their favorite movies was Rock N Roll High School. This one is from an album called "Brats On The Beat: Ramones For Kids".

Radio Radio - Beastie Boys w/ Elvis Costello (Live Saturday Nite Live) : The legendary performance when the Beasties came out and started to play Sabotage and Elvis recreated his 1978 SNL performance.

Capital Radio - The Clash (live 5-28-77 UK) : The sound of a revolution. Revolutions don't always succeed.

Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio - Ni-Hao! : Another Ramones cover, I think these chicks are from Japan or Viet Nam. This song cracks me up.


jp said...

oh I love the SNL Elvis version! He's sound so much edgier than the album release.

ric said...

I remember seeing Elvis on SNL many, many moons ago. I think he played, "Watching the Detectives." Or was it "Alison?" Or both.

Hey! It's wricd, or exphres your fellow hearts competitor! I have to watch my movie, but I've bookmarked your site and I'm going to look it over more thouroughly later. Looks damn interesting though!