January 4, 2008

A Blast from the Past

So, outta the cyber-blue, I get an email from an old friend from whom I haven't heard from in many years. What blew me away was the following:

"you are largely responsible for my having decent taste in music all these years."

She mentioned that I used to foist the good stuff upon her (ie: bands like the Replacements and Minutemen and Husker Du, etc).

Considering that she worked for record companies for many years, the preceding sentiment was awesome. Allowing for the trickle down theory, and that perhaps in some small way I infuenced her decisons for band promotion; it could very well be that I am responsible for the entire 90's alternative music movement!

OK, that might be a very long leap of faith.
But it was a real kick to hear that "for better or worse" I was a "significant part" of how someone developed their musical tastes.

Certainly it was the best message I have gotten in many a moon.
So, it got me thinking of the "old days" and has inspired me to post the following.



LydiaBrunch said...

Yay for awesome emails like that! But does this mean I get to blame you for Good Charlotte? :-)

Nazz Nomad said...

Actually Good Charlotte can be blamed on the Bush administration. Or Satan.

But than again, what's the diff?

sodajerk said...

Another excellent post on yer damn fine site.

If it gets you thinkin,tia a good post........