January 21, 2008

Of Monsters, Giants, and a King

Saw Cloverfield over the weekend and it certainly rocked. It's done as a videotape that one of the characters shoots during an attack on NYC (where else!) by some sort of monster. As it is supposed to be an amateur video, it falls in and out of focus and the picture is shaky, but the concept really makes it seem that you are involved in the action. There is one scene that takes place in a helicopter that is really freaky.

I wish however, that everyone would stop beating up on NY. Between this and I Am Legend, the Big Apple has taken more than it's share of hit's lately. There is one scene that echoes 9-11 very eerily. Here's hoping the next movie takes out Boston. I'd like to see Fenway Park melt under the next alien death ray. Or something.

A happier event in NY is that the Giants are going to the freakin' Super Bowl! I was supposed to be at the game at the Frozen Tundra in Green Bay last nite, but things fell apart. And, upon reflection, that was a good thing. It looked unbearably cold and the cardiac arrests provided by Big Blue woulda killed me. Holy crap! Eli and Plaxico and the G-men defense put a hurtin' on Brett Favre and the Cheeseheads and now it's on to the Super Bowl! It would be nice to knock off the Patriots and destroy their season, especially after the Red Sawx have bitch-slapped the Yankees around the last few years.

And today is Martin Luther King day. As Bill and Ted said: "Be excellent To Each Other". Racism and other hate-isms sucks. Unless it's anti-Boston.

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The Germ said...

Well, I'm from the DC area and have family in Mass. So I cannot possibly root for any New York teams.