December 10, 2008

Buying A Car Blues

Talk about bad timing... I am in the market to buy a car. I have a leased auto that expires in January and my choices are to:

a) - buy the car outright (but it will cost me almost as much to buy it used as a new car would)
b) - buy another car (yecch... major $$$$)
c) - lease another car (cheapest option, but then I will be doing this again in 3 years)

In this economy, the last thing I want to do is spend money, as who the hell knows if this will turn into a full blown depression. Better to be the ant these days, than the grasshopper.
I was hoping that the local crooks (ie car dealers) would have better deals since no one is stupid enough to buy a car these days. But it's the same old song and dance. Bait and switch, high pressure, absurd offers. I have been doing this as much as possible via e-mail, but unfortunately, facetime is required.

I know this isn't life or death, but it is a pain in the arse!

Speaking of life or death... here's the only known footage from our performance at the A7 reunion at Knitting Factory this past weekend. DV rocked the vox and geetar, J-Lo was the beastmaster, and your humble narrator tried to remain standing and not drop the 4 string.

Warning- video was shot on a cell phone, so the sound is pretty poor. Plus, it's our ballad!

The place was packed, and I spoke to peeps who had come in from as far as California for the show. By midnite, the street was littered with drunken Punks trying their best not to puke on themselves.

Rock n Roll!

Dictators - I Live For Cars And Girls
Cramps - Sado County Auto Show
Angry Samoans - Hot Cars
UK Subs - I Live In A Car
Panther Burns - Once I Had A Car


Lex10 said...

I bought a 2100.00 12 year old convertible Pontiac Sunfire & put another 2 grand in it, and saved it from the junk heap. (You're welcome, Earth!) I then put in a $79 stereo with an SD card slot and USB flash port. I feel like I'm in a movie when I drive it.

manicgirl said...

I'm jealous of your life.

Nazz Nomad said...

That Sunfire is a sweet ride. And the Earth thanks you!

Fusion 45 said...

The closest my band will ever come to the Knitting Factory is lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Talk about puking by the front door. Considering we can't see to get all three of there on the same night (yeah, just three), get it. I drive a 95 Ford Taurus. Now that, my friend, requires balls!

Anonymous said...

First:Buy the car in the photo! Taurus' are badass, used to call my one 'The Shark'. they are in the running to replace Grand Torinos as das boats! Oh, and go to Urban Wastes myspace page and look under videos for more A7 night.
>>> A. Admirer.

Piley said...

at least you can still aford the petrol over there Nazz! I drive diesel and although its come down a little, am still paying almost $9 a gallon in the UK... ouch


Nazz Nomad said...

That's an Edsel in the picture. I don't think I can afford that puppy, even if I could find it!

I watched the Urban Waste performance when I was at the Knitting Factory - fun!