December 15, 2008


As Princess Nomad has been urgently requesting to be able to sign up for Facebook, we have belatedly acquiesced to her pleas. Negotiations revolved around us having her password, as well as yours truly joining, the better to keep tabs.

Apparently, we were the last two people in the Western world to become members, as everyone and their Uncle Bob is on as well.

After a couple of weeks of tinkering, I have already become somewhat bored of yet another timesuck. However, the lure of pissing away hours on the site and looking up people I haven't seen in years has proved alluring. On the other hand, as I do not use my real name, no one can find me, unless they know my "nom de cyber". Which works fine.

I have investigated old acquaintances from High School and College, and I am amazed at how old THEY have all gotten (as they post their pix). Often, they post em of the wives and kiddies too. I have no urge to contact any of em, as I figger I would have made the effort years ago if I had any interest in re-connecting. In fact, whenever I get Alumni pleas for $$$ or reunion info, I always mark the envelopes "Return to Sender- deceased".

Anyway, one thing that has happened a couple of times to me is the phenom of "wasted posting", in which I have commented on friends "walls" on Facebook whilst hammered.

This apparently happened last nite, while under the influence of a heavy duty sleeping aid. I had no recollection of it, until I got an email today from JW expressing outrage over what I posted. And I had no idea what it was, until I was informed of the moronic utterings I had deemed fit to cyber-post. I also posted some bizarre shit integrating a hallucination involving a classic rock legend with an 80's alt-rock icon.

So, the lesson to be learned is, put the keyboard away when your "under the influence". Because the Internet is forever. or something.

The Damned - Silly Kids Games
Iggy Pop - I'm Bored
Black Flag - Wasted
Ciccone Youth - Into The Groovey
The Cynics - Waste Of Time


Longy said...

I can't say I've ever been on facebook but wasted posting is something I'm an "expert" on. I've got myself in all kinds of trouble this way. I try to just stick to the pub now!

MOOKIE said...

I never made a facebook or myspace page because I've had Mookie online since 2000 and now I have The P5 blog as well.

Anyone that I want to stay in touch with already knows my blogs, my cellphone number, my email addresses, etc. Yet they keep sending me invitations to check out their facebook page.

Looks like someone already started a site called Assbook. But is still available.

Devil Dick said...

i'm only on and i is a pro at shitfaced posting...

garychching said...

Hi Nazz, same here I can't be arsed with all that getting in touch with people, I guess I'm just too lazy.

Thanks for the comment on Johnny Thunders, and no I haven't heard the 'arms around a memory' cover, and would I would love to hear it. I've always been a fan of good covers, especially when they are done differently. Did you get the Ruby trax ones I posted?

Zoooma!! said...

Wait, there are others out there who don't have a presence on Facebook... I don't. Actually, I did sign up once but screw it, I'm anonymous, no profile, no picture. Those people from H.S. and college that I care about I'm in contact with, the rest could be dead for all I care... not that I wish them dead but well, you know, right? It was mildly entertaining spending an hour one night looking at people I went to school with but for the most part -- fuck 'em. The wasted posting thing actually sounds fun, though! Might make Facebook worth it!

Nazz Nomad said...

Wasted posting is drunk dialing for the new generation. Or something.
I have an idea for a future post... but the kiddies will have to be at gran-ma's before I can do it ;-)

Piley said...

remind me never to let you have my facebook and MS URL's...


gomonkeygo said...

We should start a wasted posters club, the WPC - no sober posting allowed!

Dead Rock n Roller said...

I drunk post on MySpace habitually. I always forget until I get comments back. The horrible thing is that when I'm drunk I typically maintain really good grammar, so people are completely unaware of my inebriation.