December 28, 2008

An Ends To A Means

In the final accounting of the recent travails of the Nomad clan:
  • Kitty Nomad is still hanging on for dear feline life. The tumor on his side has blown wide open, and while it is coverered with a shirt, we know the meds we feed him will soon lose their effectiveness. The vet says that it makes no sense to cut away his flank and sew it up, as the trauma would kill kim. For now, he is still friendly, social, and most importantly, hungry... so we pray that perhaps the 2 inch gaping hole in his side will somehow seal and he can make it through the end of year.
  • Princess Nomad is firmly entrenched with the Twilight series of books. Between that and this, she is as happy as can be hoped for while awaiting the endgame for her pet.
  • Nazz Junior is destroying all comers in Halo and Left For Dead on the XBOX 360. He has also developed an enthusiasm for Johnny Cash music, thanks in part to this movie. Nazz Junior is specifically enamored of The Man In Black's tales of murder, revenge and prison. Like father, like son!
  • The Missus is trying to keep it all together in the face of feline doom. Thankfully, the shock is past, for now the grim waiting game continues.
  • Yours truly is laid up with a bad back. Possibly this has been caused in part by the stress of work and finances. Luckily, a regiment of this and this have enabled him to combat the pain somewhat. Unfortunately, this has caused him to recently engage again in wasted posting. Oops!
On the plus side of the ledger... THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS have got the number one seed in the NFL Play-offs.

So, along with the total consciousness the Dali Lama promised me on my deathbed, I've got it all under control. Which is nice.

Or something.

Gunga La Gunga, you mofo's!!!!!!!

Joey Ramone - Garden Of Serenity (live)
Johnny Cash -Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog (live)
Social Distortion - Another State Of Mind
Quickie - Medicated (Just To Get By)
The Cramps - Bop Pills

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