January 26, 2009

Blisters On My Fingers

This past Saturday saw not one but two band practices with different (as the kids say) projects. Considering my lack of musical ability, the concept of lil' ol' me participating with two different r 'n' r concerns is astounding and something I am truly thankful for.
It sure beat shoveling snow!

The first of these musical behemoths is the imminent return of the legendary old skool punk DIRTY PILLOWS! Yep, we put the band back together and will be playing this Wednesday, January 28 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Public Assembly. C'mon down if yer in the environs. Pretty please?

We're gonna do it as a benefit to raise bail money for Phish's Trey Anasatasio's next Heroin arrest or Mike Gordon's child molestation trial. Haven't decided which one yet.
And my other projection is Caterwaul Of Sound V2. We're Caterwaulizing stuff from bands as disparate as Funcadelic, Clutch, The Circle Jerks and even the Ronnettes. Pray for us.
All in all, a great way to have spent a weekend. I've got blisters on my fingers!
And, as it is raining absolute shit at my job... a welcome distraction.


Jon said...

Have fun. The Mike Gordon thread is hilarious.

infinite fool said...

I vote for giving your money to Trey. That Oysterhead album is way better than any of Mike Gordon's stuff... and there are far too few red-headed guitarists wandering stoned through the wilds of eastern New York.

Matt said...

Holy wow. That Dirty Pillows artwork is bitchin'! I was going to say 'It's tits', but I didn't want to seem like... oh, whoops. Too late.

Have rocking good times!

Sugarmag said...

Hiya Nazz, I wish I could come see you guys play, sounds like a good time. I did not know about Mike Gordon's arrest, but I gotta say there is nothing funny about a child being molested. I don't feel a bit sorry for Gordon, but there is nothing funny about what he's been accused of. Ewww