March 3, 2009

Don't be surprised if a crack in the ice...

... appears under your feet.

and Good-Morning, Smithers-Jones,,,

At some point, the realization comes that maybe there's something better. Loyalty is great, and as they take turns shoveling the dirt onto your box the pretty words are spoken. But who's the sucker? You are, of course. Because you always give more than you get. And you're always a line item on an entry pad. And don't forget it. The orchestra on the Titanic didn't get any extra props for going down with the ship, did they?

The struggle continues, but maybe the weight pulling you down gets a little (or a lot) lighter somewhere else. Sure, you lose all that built up good will and credibility. But sometimes the long run has a more attractive finish line.

One thing is for sure, sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel ISN'T a train coming at you. Sometimes, it's a better way out.

So, do I feel lucky, Punk?

Do I?

The Kinks - Rats
Fleshtones - I've Gotta Change My Life
Hot Water Music - Clampdown (Clash cover)
Bad Religion - You've Got A Chance

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infinite fool said...

"He was such a nice man," they'll say when your job finally pushes you over the edge. "He was a good man, kind and loyal to the company. We can't imagine why he did what he did, but it's his children we pity the most." Then they shake their heads, wipe the blood off their hands, and forget you ever existed.

Luck has nothing to do with nothing.

Highlander said...

Hate to say it, 'cause it goes for me too, but you are only ever just a bum on a seat. Dispensable and easily replaced.

Now, if your 'light at the end of the tunnel' is setting up an Anarchist commune where we work for our keep, take decisions collectively and value what really matters then that's a 'job' worth going for. What do you say?