March 24, 2009

Introducing Nazz Whitman (or is that Nazz Longfellow?)

A friend of mine informed me that she is a "published poet". I am proud of her. However, I cannot tolerate anyone being more successful than I am. And, technically, once this becomes a live post, I am published as well.

So I humbly offer...

The Poetry Of Nazz Nomad:


on the 7:24 listening to Stairway To Heaven
too many beers for daylight
Robert Plant is really old
and it makes me wonder.


Of A Feather

pigeons are vermin.
rats with wings.
just like me.



sitting on a train
I could put my headphones on
I would rather listen to you
talking about your boyfriend.



Who cares if you washed your clothes
And if people did care
what does that say
About your laundry?

Stars...they're just like us!

star jones is 47
it didn't ...
it was her age
I don't care, she's still fat.


Anonymous said...

what the hell is wrong with you?

Michael said...

Nazz you've just pulled an honest-to-goodness talent for writing great poetry straight outta your ass. I bow.

JPSquared said...

You effin KILL me... I couldn't sleep, thanks for the laugh, man!

Jeff said...

I dig it!

Piley said...

hey man.... that's like.... really deep man..... ;-)

Don't give up the day job Sir! LOL!


Jon said...

It took a second, but I laughed a lot at "Of A Feather". Good poem. Very good poem.

Sugarmag said...

I love your poetry. It's funny and interesting. Especially the one about Twitter, talk about a time suck and yeah, who cares? LOL

gomonkeygo said...

Yes, what the hell IS wrong with you?! Why aren't you writing more - fuck me, but this is great stuff, man, great stuff!!!!

And congrats on the anniversary, too. Hittin' 18 this August ourselves. That's barely legal.