March 27, 2009

Even The Losers...

...Get Lucky Sometimes.

And I did.

To Mrs. Nomad... a very Happy 21st Anniversary. Our marriage is now legal!

Ramones - I Want You Around (demo)
Cult Hero - I Dig You
Replacements - If Only You Were Lonely
Hermans Hermits - White Wedding (Billy Idol cover)


AC'63 said...

congrats .. I'm coming up on 22 years this August.

E-mile said...

Mr. & Mrs Nomad, cheers and up to the next! peace, E-mile & Leen

Sugarmag said...

How wonderful! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

man, i wish you a happy. my wife and i are approaching our 20th. i dig this place. i fuckin' dig everything you say. far out, man

the rooster