March 19, 2009

Weird Scenes Inside The YouTube

Sometimes, Youtube can be a treasure trove of musical stuff that you couldn't even make up high on Acid.

Here are a few:

Patti Smith singing "You Light Up My Life" on a Saturday Morning kids show:

The Seeds on a cheesy 60's sit-com lip syncing Pushin Too Hard:

The Grateful Dead on Playboy's "After Dark":

The 5678's on Ghoul A Go Go:

and last, but certainly not least, The Standells covering The Beatles on The Munsters!:

strange daze indeed.


dave said...

Most peculiar, momma.

Jeff said...

Far out! I vaguely remember "Kids Are People Too."

garychching said...

The Munsters were fucking great, never knew the Standells were on their show

gomonkeygo said...

Wow. I'd forgotten about Kids Are People Too. And I never saw the Patti Smith clip. Wow.

On the other hand, The Standells clip is one of my faves!

Jon said...

I hesitated to watch the Patti Smith clip. Damn, everything about it was cool. The questions from the earnest kids, Patti's answers and her performance. That was great!

I like Patti a little more all the time. She is one of the very, very few old punks who is older than me, and not dead.

Anonymous said...

The Seeds clip is from "The Mothers In Law", which was actually pretty good for the time. Eve Arden (of "Mildred Pierce" fame) and Kaye Ballard (who was a cast member of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In") starred and are both in the clip.