May 14, 2009

Damned Damned Damned

My bro Vin and The Good Captain - NYC February 1998


cue bass intro!
Nazz Nomad with the Good Captain
Yippie kye yay mofo's, THE DAMNED are tonite.

How pumped am I? How about up to 11!
The Damned May 9, 2009 - Poughkeepsie

Old Drac and the Good Captain, along with the other Damned du Jour, playing in NYC! Wooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo!
The two survivors, yours truly and DMV, along for the ride. Toasting our fallen comrades, Kim and Vin. How many shows over the years? Gone but never forgotten.
We will do our best to carry on.
In darkness there is no sin
Light only brings the fear
Nothing to corrupt the eyes
There is no vision here
At first you may find it strange
But do not go away
The darkness holds the power
That you wont find in the day


Anonymous said...

you'll have a great night, being a veteran of damned gigs since the heady days of '84 (i lost count of the damned gigs i've been to after 50) it will be a good gig, even with that fat annoying little keyboard player they seem to have adopted. I have to wait until summer for this years fix

Piley said...

Just about my all time favourite band is the Damned.... quality. Off to see them myself next week (Friday 22nd) so be sure to send em home in good working order ok??!

Have you got the new album yet?? It is fantastic. Right up there with Strawberries and The Black Album.


PS - cheers for the tip off on Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray!!

Nazz Nomad said...

Piley) Yes- have the new record... it's very much a captain sensible album isn't it... lots of '67 pyscho-delia!!!!!!

AJ) Monty Oxy-Moron is comic relief- I believe he also plays with the captain on his solo stuff

can't wait for the show...

Piley said...

Spot on Nazz, there are nods to much of their 'back-cat' on this album, but definitely a psych sound throughout. He may be a bit anoying, but Montys Hammond organ has added in a big big way to the quality sound on this album. Top top notch.

Enjoy the show - be interested in a set list if you can remember it.


Nazz Nomad said...

The Damned:
NYC 5-13-09

Heavy on Machine Gun Etiquette material... but no I just Can't Be happy today, plan 9, blackout.
great show- alot of great lighting and jamming... The Punk Floyd!

a wonderful evening
Love Song
Second time around
New Rose
Under the wheels (new)
Alone again or
Disco Man
I fall
Dr Woofenstein (new)
Melody Lee
Neat neat neat
Dark Asteroid (featuring a drum solo from Monty with DV on keyboards) (new)
Curtain Call
Stretcher case baby
Noise noise noise
Jet boy, jet girl
Smash it up

Juan Duque said...

Great video, Nazz!!

Rika said...

Does anyone know the set list of the show at the TLA in Philly, PA for 5/13/09? This would be most helpful, thanks!