May 5, 2009

No Trouble In The Heartland

Feeling good lately. Feelin' 7-up.

Made an executive decision a couple of weeks back to go on a major bender. If this guy can do a never ending tour, than I can turn Pro and just stay wasted for as long as I can. Day 13 of my Charles Bukowski streak. I've gotten past the roadblock of the morning hangover as well... channeling the fogginess into a placid plateau and the interior hummmmmmming sound that encompasses me like a velvet blanket (or something). Work has settled into something akin to Buenos Aires after the Bugs blew it to bits with that giant Asteroid.

Feelin' great in fact. Saw this guy last nite. Yeah, it's all hokey show-biz shtick but the mofo does fucking rock it hard. What is he, 70 years old and he still brings it every freaking nite. Of course, at this point the Jersey girls have morphed into Jersey Grannies; passing Jersey soccer moms about 10 years ago on the road past MILF and possibly now at the GRILF stage.

But, it's all about the rawk... and sposedly, I've got a couple of shows coming up with various pursuits and it looks like we are heading into the studio to record a song for a horror movie.
That would be sweet. Sweeter than the show we are sposed to play at some Lawn Guyland college cover band bar... wait'll they get a load of us!

Plus, shows from dese guys, and dese guys (and gal) on the horizon... I loves me some punk rock.

The Damned - Blitzkrieg Bop (w/ Joey Ramone!) - Live 1988
Turbonegro - Hobbit Motherfuckers
Nashville Pussy - I'm The Man
Slayer - Richard Hung Himself

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Anonymous said...

he died prematurely honey--do not follow in his footsteps. i like u too much

s hornik