May 18, 2009

More Damned

Well, The Damned show last week was amazing. Almost like The Punk Floyd, with all the jamming and groovy lights. Here's a treat, over the weekend The Damned performed live on WFMU radio and through the efforts of some good folks at the Official Damned site, here's the show in all it's glory.



Piley said...

nice one Nazz! Much appreciated! Am having a little dificulty downloading, but think its more to do with my crappy ISP... get halfway thru then the conection dies. Will keep trying.

Only 4 days till I go see em!


Richard said...

Sounds like 'The Sensible One' and his band of aging recidivists had a whale of a time - and when that happens it's infectious and you end up doing the same!

Thanks for a truly great share


ally ramone said...

just sheer energy !!! wow they stil cut it live after all these years. WONDERFUL !!!!