May 26, 2009

Scenes From A Weekend

Thanks to the economy, we got an (unpaid) day off on Friday, so a four day weekend was spent thusly:

There was a kick ass military air show at the beach- lots of thrills and chills as everything from old style bi-planes to Thunderbirds were doing there thing int he skys above. There were some people actually protesting the event, claiming that the show was celebrating war. Now, I ask you, gentle readers... is this taking the whole anti-war thing a little too far?

My punk band Dirty Pillows ended up playing a show in the bowels of Long Island Saturday nite. What made this so egregious was that we performed at a shit-hole bar that I used to drink in when I was underaged, millions of years ago. Back then, it was Top 40 cover band Hades. As we haven't even seen each since January, the prospects of us playing well were dicey. However, after an hour practice the nite before, the "old magic" was back, and three out of the four of us were dead on. Three chord songs do have their advantages. Our other bandmate, the less said the better. I played the show pretty sober (no free beers, and the bar wanted $5 for a can of Miller Lite- no way!). We actually drew a few people (outdrew every other band in fact), and of course got beat on the money. What a surprise. I actually played much better than I usually do (hmmm sober = playing well (what a concept!)). And I got to sing and play on a Ramones cover we whipped up ten minutes before we went on.

Got a nice big blood blister on my finger as a remembrance of things rocked.
Well, it wasn't as bad as Pete's hand, but it still is nasty!

Started to put the pool back together... lots of marine sealer needed. And there were no dead mammals or birds in the water. Hopefully it'll be ready to jump in by this weekend. And you're all invited to the pool party! Bring your own Absinthe.

So, after 4 days of getting totally baked by the sun and intoxicants, it's back to work time.

And how was YOUR weekend?

The Dirtbombs- The Sun Is Shining
The Jam - Here Comes The Weekend
Teengenerate - Wild Weekend
Johnny Thunders - Seven Day Weekend



great blog!!!
and Naz Nomad it´s one of my favourites records from The Damned

Michael said...

Sounds like a great gig; if I'd been anywhere near the US, I would've made the effort to drink my way there.

But military airshows! Ack! Yes I realize there's an off chance some aging lass might respond to the "show us your tits" signs you patrons invariably trot out at such events, but really man . . . it ain't on. Jerry wouldn't have approved.

Nazz Nomad said...

Hi Brutusound - you've got a great blog yerself!

Nazz Nomad said...

Michael - Since it was at the beach, there was no need for signs encouraging anyone to show anything! It was all on display! I think the airshow was more of a "Loud Fast Rules" appeal- but everyone's mileage varies!
Thanks for stopping by.


a few months ago, I was talking with captain sensible at rebellion fest in london. very nice, and the damned show was great!!!
a big pleasure to read your blog!

The Warden said...

Ah, band members dissing each is the essence of punk rock!! Seriously, good post. Or seriously good post, take your pick.

I remember my friend managed a punk band a long time ago, so he told a few friends to come check it out. As soon as we got there, there was a huge argument and the band broke up on the spot. So at least you made it through a set!

Piley said...

I had a GREAT weekend... went to see The Damned!!!!! Review over at my place if you fancy a look?



Wil said...

Thanks for stopping by Nazz. Watch out now, there will be guy named Heff over here any time now.