May 11, 2009

The Stork Is Dead

As Nazz junior is now in 5th grade, part of the school curriculum is "The Changing Me". Yep, the system is now authorized to teach our children about puberty.

For those parents who dissent, their precious children can be excused from these classes.
Of course, once the cat is outta the bag with little Billy or Mary's peers, there's no way that they're not gonna hear about it.

Mixed feelings on all this.
10 and 11 year old children might be a tad too young to get the news that the stork is dead. On the other hand, younger kids better know this stuff, since alot of em are into the "exploration" phase already.

The Nomad's have never been very secretive about this stuff, especially as how Princess Nomad "crossed over" a couple of years back. So last summer, I explained the full monty to Nazz Junior.

Of course, I really didn't do the scientific route... I took the "pencil into a sharpener", "pole into a hole" course. And the "all women are bad" (updated from my daughter's training of "all boys are assholes and will use you and break your heart" shpiel).

Which wasn't exactly what I was supposed to be doing. It was supposed to be the "puberty chat", not the "how to get laid" lesson.

The school training went well... we were invited to the school a couple of weeks earlier to hear exactly what the kids would be learning.

And for my son and all his friends to learn the scientific stuff together was a good idea, since there is strength in numbers and this way they could all get freaked out together.

Now, of course, my son throws this stuff out at the most inopportune times, to get a rise out of us. Like talking about wet dreams at the dinner table.

I'm so proud!

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LydiaBrunch said...

They started teaching us all that stuff when I was ten or eleven too. And look how I turned out!

Eh, seriously... not to worry, I think.

Piley said...

Got a few years before I have to worry about this one... We're still at the learning to walk bit!!

When I was at school, the Science teacher who was SUPPOSED to teach us all about this aparently had a phobia of doing so... so just... didn't bother! Incredible! Never had a single bit of sex education from school... and look how I turned out!!!

BTW - be careful, i think that sharpener can get pregnent if there was lead in that pencil...


infinite fool said...

When my dad gave me "the talk" (I was eleven), I came out knowing less than I'd known going in.

The multi-colored diagrams of the female anatomy coupled with the Hustler magazine did, however, send me running back to the safety of my Archie comics, Gilligan's Island re-runs, and Kiss records... for another year or so, anyway.