September 2, 2009

Bat Babe

As a young pup, I was really really really into comics. Mostly the EC and Warren Horror stuff and Marvel. In fact if anyone wants to buy my collection, lemme know! Aside from a rather unhealthy fixation on Red Sonja and Vampirella, I was enamored over the flesh and blood version of Batgirl on the 60's Batman reruns that would be broadcast every night.

I have no doubt that you did too.

Here's a tribute to the lovely BatGirl.

Librarian by day, Bat-Babe by night.

Here's an unaired pilot for a proposed Batgirl TV series.

And Batgirl goes on the soapbox in this PSA for Equal Rights.

And sadly, the death of Batgirl... though in the print version of the comics, I believe she is crippled by The Joker


The Who - Batman

The Jam - Batman


Jon said...

I've got a definite thing for librarians. I suspect that they've all got secret identities.

Piley said...

Love a bit of batgirl here too!!

Am a little too obsessed with the TV show too!

Met Adam West a couple of years back... he was mad, but nice!


Nazz Nomad said...

Piley- don't know if the cartoon "Family Guy" hit the UK, but Adam West plays "Mayor Adam West" on the show and is crazier than a shithouse rat.

Jon- My local librarians average about 55 years old each. And not a very attractive 55 years old at that!

Jon said...

Damn, There's a problem, because I'm a not very attractive 55 myself.
However, I sometimes encounter a 40ish librarian who goes to some
trouble to look like a librarian: Sensible shoes, cardigan sweater,
pearl necklace, plaid skirt to just past her knees. However, she is a
very good looking woman and she has tons of EXCELLENT tattoos. The
contrast creates some kind of wave of cognitive dissonance that gives
me wood. I want to compare the role of modern librarian as data base
manager with the old fashioned librarian's job as keeper of the bound
volumes and discuss the changing role of the librarian while having
the kind of sex that I am too old to actually have anymore. I am
certain she has a secret identity. Remove her reading glasses from the
end of her nose and she would be revealed as some kind of
superheroine. I'm sure of it. She's the prototype for all of the other
librarians with secret lives. I wouldn't be surprised if you local
librarians are simply adept at disguise.

Wil said...

That Bat Girl was fine as hell, I remember her fondily, LOL.


Nazz Nomad said...

Jon- I think your librarian bears further investigation!

The Warden said...

Dude, I was so down with the Catwoman (Julie Newmar) that Batgirl, although hot, came in a distant second. Maybe it was the tight-fitting leather catsuit she wore.

Heff said...

BIG Julie Newmar fan here !

Nazz Nomad said...

And thru the miracle of the internet, Ms. Julie Newmar: