September 11, 2009

In Memory

Could it really be 8 years since that awful day when everything changed? I am a born and bred New Yorker and every day, when I take the subway, the last stop is still called World Trade Center.

My brother and one of my best friends were involved in that tragic day.

My brother had worked at the World Trade Center up until June of that year; when a family tragedy caused him to re-evaluate his life and he left the firm he was employed by. That company, Marsh, lost 295 people that day. My brother would have been murdered had he not quit. Many of the murdered were his friends.

My buddy was actually exiting the subway (he went to work late that day since it was an election day in NYC) when the attack happened and was nearly killed by a piece of the first plane's wreckage. He spent the rest of the morning watching people jump to their death, before going home and cleaning the dust composed of human remains, concrete and debris from his apartment (his windows had been open). He was never the same after 9-11. He passed away almost three years ago, but as cliched as it sounds, part of him died the day of the attack.

Whatever your politics or religion, there can be no justification of this crime.

No music today. Just don't feel like it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your brother. I was in mid-town that day but I, too will never be quite the same. --Bill

Longy said...

My condelences for the loss your friend and for all your brothers lost workmates.

I doubt any New-Yorker is quite the same now but that can be used in a positive way (Making more out of your life in a positive way and having a closer community)

Best wishes Nazz

Mat Gard said...

Hey, I was there that day. Climbed down from the 77th floor of Tower One. It was long and dark and slow. I got out a few mintues before it came down. Bad crazy day. - Mat Gard

philliebuster said...

Thanks for sharing.

An insane act by inhuman zealots.