September 29, 2009

Everything (Should) Turn Grey

I saw a woman yesterday with the most amazing hair. It was grey. It was so grey that it almost had a purple tinge to it. Ya'll remember grey hair on women, doncha? It was prevalent before every femme over the age of 11 decided that the only way that a guy was gonna know their true hair color was by checking the rug. Well, this woman didn't care, it was gloriously long and unadulterated. Bless her little follicles! And she was pretty damn sexy.

Ms. Nomad is still mildly encouraging me to do the grey be gone thang as of late. I ain't budging. I am follically challenged enough thanks to heredity and mother nature's infinite and cruel jests as it is. Besides, the grey in my hair doesn't bother me. The grey in my beard, well that does bother me. I can't trim those suckers out quick enough.

Aaahhh vanity, thy name is Nazz.

(Jerry did NOT use Just For Men!)


Agent Orange - Everything Turns Grey

Spazzys - I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone

Funboy Three - The More That I See (the less I believe)

Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies (live 1973)


jeffen said...

Think of Emylou Harris, she looked sexier with the grey hair than with the black.

Oh, and the Spazzys rule.

Piley said...

haha! like it. In my brain I have pictured that woman as a female version of Don King circa mid-80's!

Am in beard mode myself at the moment, not had one for about 2 years, and was mildy pissed as the amount of extra grey in it this time round.... The only good thing about it is usually shaving it off, then everyone tells you how 'young' you look for a few days! (although they never mention how old you look whilst you have it).


Anonymous said...

Damn, I was gonna say EmmyLou also. She is fine as hell and has been gray for years!


Heff said...

I'm right there with ya. Gray is about all I got, and if I screw with it, it'll probably fall out.

infinite fool said...

I love my grey hair. So does Mrs. Infinite - she sez it makes me look "sophisticated" and "sexy". I am a very lucky man.

Nazz Nomad said...

Guys, these days, it's better grey than gone for me too!
Emmylou Harris- definitely hotter with the grey.

manicgirl said...

i would have a pretty punk rock streak of grey through my head if i let it out. but i'm vain enough and enough of a cougar to want to attract a "younger" set. so, I dye.