September 23, 2009

This Ain't Red Rocks

I got hooked up with U2 tix for Giants Stadium and it even includes an open bar. Not quite an acolyte of the band, but they're certainly a guaranteed good time in concert. Could even venture that they are a transcedent experience. It's quite a treat to be able to lose yourself in a shared feeling. . First saw em in the early 80's before Bono turned into Jesus junior. In fact, a long time ago, in a hairstyle far far away, I sported the same mullet as Bono and even drew quite a few comparisons. It never got me laid, though.

So in honor of the show, here's a poem:

I saw Bono in my grilled cheese
I saw Bono in the chrome of a 57 T-Bird
I saw Bono in the tea leaves in my cup
I saw Bono in my mirror
I saw Bono in my mirror
I saw Bono in my mirror
I saw Bono in an old tortilla
I saw Bono healing the sick
I saw Bono in the background of Black Sabbath’s first album cover
I saw Bono in my alphabet soup
I saw Bono in a cumulous cloud
I saw Bono in the hearts and minds of all
I saw Bono in my mirror



Your driver said...

You seem to have confused Bono with Elvis. You place your etrnal soul at risk by doing so.

Heff said...

If you saw Bono in the background of Black Sabbath’s first album cover, he must've been a damn embryo !

jeffen said...

Careful or Mojo Nixon will go steal your idea ("Bono is Everywhere"? or possibly Miley Cyrus is Pregnant is Pregnant with Bono's Two-Headed Live-Child" He really was roots-rock's answer to Weird Al wasn't he?)

Pig State Recon said...

I saw Bono in my grilled cheese

That's gotta be the best line of poetry I've read all week

Anonymous said...

Heff - Oh contrar, Bono has been with us as long as life itself. You've missed the point.


Bud said...

i remember that haircut...

walk on.

infinite fool said...

When George Harrison died and went to heaven, he asked John Lennon what Bono was doing there. Lennon responded, "Oh, that's Jesus. he just thinks he's Bono."

Jenny said...

Dude, Bono can't be god, not without payin tax first:

And besides, everyone knows God looks like Jimi hendrix and Bowie is the second coming of Christ.

Nazz Nomad said...

I will say this, U2 puts on one hell of a show. My favorite part was when Bono healed the cripples.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Placing your eternal soul at risk is what bleedin' poets do. You can never have enough Jesuses.