September 18, 2009

C is for Cookie

A friend of mine gave me a chocolate chip cookie yesterday. This was a special cookie, provided by the state of California. As such, it contained "medicine". California is (I believe) the only state in the union that allows weed to be "medicine".

"Wait until after work, Nazz", I was advised. Yeah, right. I attacked it like I was the cookie monster.
About an hour later, I felt it coming on. The high lasted about 6 hours. As my dedication to science is so great, I refrained from any other intoxicants during this time. The buzz seemed to be alot more "spacy" rather than physical. However, I did pig out a whole lot once I got home, so I guess the posit that it increases appetite was true. Maybe it's some sort of "munchie strain".

It's absolutely absurd that medical marijuana is not available for consumption by anyone who needs it. Don't even get me started on why the shit is illegal to begin with. The drug war is a complete failure. Let's use our resources on helping people, not persecuting them.

And for your Friday... here's a poem:

Tina Louise

You always seemed
like too much work
And MaryAnn was low maintainance

And when we finally met
Over drinks and madness
You were too old

And you still wouldn't fuck me


The Clash - Janie Jones (live NYC 6-4-81)


ib said...

Fine poem, Nazz, hash brownies or no.

My son is a huge fan of "Family Guy", incidentally. Wnen he is allowed to watch, which is seldom, right wing ogre that I am.

DJ Useo said...

Glad it made you feel better.
Did you hear mex ico legalized all personal drug use in favour of treatment rather than more incarceration?

Highlander said...

Sorry, can't stop and chat. Just packed my cases for Mexico and my flight leaves in an hour. Not sure when (if?) I'll be back...

Heff said...

You met Tina Louise ? Or were you hallucinating ?

Nazz Nomad said...

Heff- it was about 15 years ago and we used to run into her in midtown in manhattan. several encounters on happy hour fridays when we were drinking after our toil at a well known "adult sophisticate" publisher.

Wil said...

I need some of those cookies. Mrs Howell was the bomb!


NĂ˜ said...

13 States now have legal medicinal marijuana Just to let you know CA, though kool, is not the Only One.