October 1, 2009

Start Choppin'

Zombieland comes out tomorrow and I am psyched. The Nomad clan will be seeing the matinee on Saturday and we can't wait!

It can't be as good as the two greatest "funny" zombie movies ever (Shaun Of The Dead and The Passion Of The Christ), but I am sure it will be kick ass. The zombies in Zombieland don't follow the "Romero rules" (ie- slow, shuffling ambulatory sacks of meat). On the other hand, Woody fucking Harrelson is the star. And unless you're gonna get Kurt fucking Russell as Snake fucking Plisskin to kill zombies, old Woody is a great pick! If he's half as bad ass as he was in Natural Born Killers, than Zombieland is gonna rule.

In other walking dead news, imma gonna see Bruce Springsteen Friday nite at Giants Stadium. The Boss in New Joisey. I feel 30 IQ points dumber already!



garychching said...

Hey Nazz, do you read Kirkmans "Walking dead"

I love it, nest Zombie comic ever, and there gonna make a film, Excellent.

Nazz Nomad said...

gary- indeed i do read the walking dead! it's so grim... i love it. here in the states, it's going to (i believe) be a mini-series on one of the cable stations.

Heff said...

Zombieland, I'm gonna see. "The Boss" ? Nah.

garychching said...

well thanks to torrent files and eztv I will be downloading it a couple of hours after you have watched it. Can't wait.

Highlander said...

Enjoy the film Nazz - the "these guys have really let themselves go" line had me pissing myself.

Anonymous said...

Zombieland does look pretty good, I think Woody is perfect for this. Shaun Of The Dead is a classic.

Wil Harrison.com

Nazz Nomad said...

Zombieland turned out to be just fine by me. Not quite as good as Shaun Of The Dead, but definitely in the upper echelon of Zombie flicks. There is one great surpsrise cameo that really is very funny.
The killer for me is that everytime you see a freaking preview of a movie or a trailer, they give away so many of the good bits, that by the time you see the movie, you feel like you've seen it already!

Woody Harrelson is great in this.