October 13, 2009

I Wanna Rock N Roll All Weekend!

"Dad, can we go see KISS this weekend before they die?" asked Nazz jr.
"No sooner said than done, son"; I replied.

So after an ebay negotiation, we were off to see Knights In Satan's Service at the world's most famous arena.

Unlike other shows, of course, I would be the responsible parent. As a result, as the smells of ganja wafted and beers were drank around me, I remained the sober one (as of course did Nazz jr). Here's where things get weird... they had some sort of contest that you could enter if you were going to be the "designated driver" and I entered it.

And we won!

Right before the show begins a couple of arena personnel come to our seats and hand us a gen-u-ine KISS program.

Irony, thy name is Nazz.

It was a great show of course... exactly what you would expect from Gene, Paul and the other mooks. Explosions, Paul's raps between songs, lots of stuff from KISS Alive. Nazz jr was sporting dad's old KISS ARMY t-shirt and laughing at the handful of folks dressed in their "komplete Kiss kostumes".

The openers, Buck Cherry were pretty good too. They even covered Deep Purple's "Highway Star".

This was the night after seeing Bob Weir in a trio set-up which really showcased three things:

1) He can actually play guitar
2) He still can't remember lyrics with-out a teleprompter
3) Deadheads are getting older and more annoying as the years go on.

The biggest cheer went up when (on a small screen), The Yankees beat the Twins. Woo hoo! This show was at a converted bowling alley called (duh) Brooklyn Bowl. Great venue, lotsa microbrews, and no, I most decidedly did not win the designated driver award!

Here's a couple of Scandanavian covers of KISS!
Peck - Rock N Roll All Nite
Skellington - Love Gun

and, straight from the West Coast:
Redd Kross - Deuce

and the originals themselves:
Kiss - Deuce (demo version)


Jeff said...

Glad the junior Nazz had his wish granted. Henry Rollins expressed his appreciation for Kiss in one of his spoken word performances. It's hilarious as he talks about his encounters with the Kiss audience.

Mondo said...

Big fan of Kiss my two tots love them - and had them dancing round the romm when we saw the Kiss and orchestra DVD

gomonkeygo said...

Wish I still had my Kiss Army patch...sigh.

I recall a night of true confessions after a Naked Raygun show in which all the young punks in all their fine punkery admitted their undying love for Kiss.