August 20, 2012

Agent Orange / The Queers (and Billy Joel is the Antichrist)

So, a lovely Saturday found old Nazz circling Manhattan on a boat, whilst the dulcet toonage of Agent Orange and The Queers provided a lovely soundtrack. Part of the Rocks Off shows in En Why See, ya get to spend 3 hours on a boat and get your drink and freak on as kick ass rawk is performed. Beers were pretty expensive on board, but that’s why one pre-games before they get on the boat, of course.

Sometimes life is good.

Agent Orange were on my bucket list... having been a fan since the days of their “Bitchin’ Summer” and “Living In Darkness” elpees back in the days of vinyl. They might have been the first of the Cal Punk bands to bring the heavy surf thang into the scene--- lord knows I cut my teeth on their renditions of Mr. Moto, Miserlou, etc.

Looking none the worse for 30 plus years in the biz, Mike Palm and co tore through a couple of dozen songs, including many that were new that also kicked ass. But it was the oldies: ”Bloodstains”, “Breakdown” “The Last Goodbye” that got my moto runnin’. It was a nice touch when we went past the ruins of the World Trade Center and they dedicated “Too Young To Die” to the victims of that mass murder. It was even cooler when Palm played an instrumental so he could watch “us circle the Statue Of Liberty “.

Old Nazz was representing several friends who are no longer alive, so I had alot of Punk Rock on my shoulders to vent.

I succeeded.

 Picture taken off the back of the boat with the Statue Of Liberty in the distance.

Then, the greatest Ramones tribute band ever- The Queers, took the stage. Yeah, I know that most of their songs are theirs... shit, I was in a band that had all original stuff, and you know what? We were a Ramone tribute band too!  In fact we opened for The Queers once and Joe Queer told me how much he liked us.!!!!!!! Joe and his latest aggregation of Queers had the boat bouncing. At the end of the show, they brought someone up to play 3 or 4 Ramones songs as an encore. Yeah man- it’s Noo Yawk Fuckin’ Citee- you’d best be bringing out the Bruddahs!!!!!!!

Afterwards, my pals in the World Famous Kick Ass Punk Rock MetalLive Karaoke Band were doing a show.. with one very upsetting scenario- before doing their Live Band participation part, they, along with a couple of alt- rock mooks were going to play the entire Billy fucking antichrist Joel’s “Glass Houses” rekkid.

Well, golly gosh gee whiz, we missed that part since we were at a PUNK FUCKING ROCK show on a boat. But we showed up afterwards for the Live Band Karaoke part, where some Patriot made the following political statement.

After all, why should Pussy Riot be imprisoned in Russia when Billy Fucking Asshole Joel is free to live and not be in a gulag.

Rightful indignation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punk Fucking Rawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Punk Fucking Rawk.

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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Way cool, Snazzy! Keep it up you troublemaker:>}