August 7, 2012

RK + MC5 = :-)

Today is the day that the new Redd Kross lp “Researching The Blues” is released. Go to iTunes and buy it! It’s the perfect combo of power pop, punk and even a little glam. And, listening to it will make you very happy. 

Which, these days, is a very good thing. 

And I dig the first video from the album- back when they covered Kiss on “Teen Babes From Monsanto”, did they ever think it would come to this?

 Yeah, probably!

Additionally, you might enjoy this article on the making of the MC5’s “KICK OUT THE JAMS”. But you own that already, don’t you!


TubaFrog said...

Got the CD, doesn't include the bonus track "Pop Star." Worth the $1?
(I confess I am an Astrid fan...)

Wonder if we'll get any cool b-sides. Can't get enough R.K.!

jonder said...

It's a great new RK album, start to finish!

Nazz Nomad said...

tuba: you can preview the bonus track on itunes and make the call based ont he preview.

jonder: its nice that some bands can stick around for so long and still pull a great one out- of course they had plenty of time to refine things over the last 15 years or so!

50 songs said...

Teen Babes from Monsanto was where everything started for Redd Kross, I think. Unless other people think otherwise.