August 16, 2012

No Worries? Plenty Of Worries!

I don't know where the term "no worries" started. It mighta been due to that horrible 80's treacle/ballad by Bobby McFerrin. Or maybe it goes back to the hippie days. Or maybe it's Walt Fucking Disney's fault. Nonetheless, it's become part and parcel of the English language. It's a phrase that, even I, the eloquent Nazz have used on far too many occasions.

And... it's... complete... bullshit.

I (and I am sure you) have got more worries than ever.

Here's a catalog of mine:
my job
my family
the motherfucking republicans winning the election
trying to stay sober (13 days as of this posting)
The NY Giants/Yankees winning their respective championships

You get the picture.

The next motherfucker that says "no worries" to me is getting a punch right in the motherfucking throat.

Here's a song that makes me both proud and horrified that I live in a country where this shit can get dreamed and and created.
Fuckin' magnets.


AC'63 said...

As Michael Palin sings "Always look on the bright side of life" ... even though this is during the scene where he is hung on a cross .. so hey .. it could be worse.

justin said...

I thought it was an Autralian thing, or at least that's what I got from my extensive education on the country/culture in "Crocodile Dundee" (also where I learned how it works in New York City). Cool deal on 13 days off the hooch..."if you build it they will come". I have the same worries, money, jobs, etc. That Republican thing is big, the way those idiots are talking...8 years of their plans and there will be riots in the streets. We deserve whatever we get.