March 9, 2007

Friday Grab Bag - 2's better than 1

Hey kiddies, it’s Friday; so that means it’s ... GRAB BAG time. Woo Hoo!
Here be a few toonz to enjoy for your weekend carousing. A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer in your pants.
Back with a whole feature on a classic punk band on Monday.

As always, if you like what you hear… support the artists!

Some collaborations of interest:
Joey Ramone & Pearl Jam (Live) - Sonic Reducer
Joey Ramone & General Johnson (studio) - Rockaway Beach
Ramones & Rancid (Live) - Listen To My Heart
Motorhead & The Damned (Live) - Ballroom Blitz
Captain Sensible & Jay Z (Mash-up) - 99 Wot
Anthrax & Public Enemy (studio) - Bring Tha Noize

Have at em!

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