March 22, 2007

Friday Grab Bag - It's Spring! (not)

It’s spozed’ to be springtime but it’s still colder than Dick Cheney’s heart and Condee Rice’s balls here in the North East. Since Spring is supposed to be a time of colors, today’s Grab Bag is chromatic themed.


The db’s – Black & White
The Clash – White Riot (demo)
Redd Kross – Puss & Boots
Husker Du – Pink Turns To Blue
Music Machine – Double Yellow Line
The Bees – Voices Green & Purple
The Vandals – Aging Orange

and click here for the soundtrack to Redd Kross' (and other's) Lovedolls Super Star

See you Monday with another feature…

1 comment:

Highlander said...

"Condee Rice's balls" - thats funny