March 30, 2007

Poison Ivyyyyyyyyyyyyy

You're gonna need an ocean
of calamine lotion
You'll be scratching like a hound
the minute you start to mess around

Poison ivy, poison ivy
Well late at night when you're sleeping
Poison ivy comes a creeping all around

So, I was clearing some brush on the back 40 (just like Dubya) and got into some Poison Ivy. Totally sux, as I can now audition for the touring company of The Elephant Man.
So, today's grab bag is a variation on that theme.
Cause I'm itchin and a-scratchin'


Operation Ivy - Knowledge
Chet Poison Ivy- Poo Poo Man
Hole - Celebrity Skin
Iggy Pop - Gimme Some Skin
The Fleshtones - I'm Not A Sissy
The Professionals - Mods Skins Punks
The Gits - Second Skin


Anonymous said...

what?!?! no cramps?

Anonymous said...

I was about to pose the self-same question.

Furthermore, Jeffrey Lee Pierce would be spinning in his grave were he alive today.

Fond regards,

An English Gentleman.