March 12, 2007


Today we're gonna feature some of Japan's best and noisiest punk and garage bands.’s The’s are a three piece female Japanese band probably best known for their appearance in the movie Kill Bill Part 1. They perform in the "Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves" segment. This is the scene in the club right before Uma Thurman wipes out the Crazy 88’s. Their performance of Woo Hoo is also now heard in a commercial for a wireless phone company.

The’s music is a take on American garage rock and surf tunes, with an extremely raw feel. Most of their songs are sung in their native Japanese, but they also play a lot of American covers as well. The three girls are also very stylish, performing in 60’s style dresses.
They formed in the late 80’s and still tour, so catch em if you can.

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Sloppy, noisy and raucous, Teengenerate were a mid 90’s Japanese Punk Band whose recorded output sounds like it’s was recorded in on an airplane runway as 747 was bearing down on them. To say that Teengenerate is raw would be an understatement, it’s more like the musical equivalent of a gaping wound caused by a shotgun blast.

Guitar Wolf
Yeah baby, more lo-fi Punk Rawk Noize. Japan’s greatest “Jet Rock n Roll band”. The “Jet” is in tribute to Joan Jett, whom heavily influenced the band (especially in look).
They’re still touring and still kicking it. Greasy, nasty, black leather clad muthafucka’s who just rip the shit out it. They sing in a language that might be Japanese, it might be English, or it might be Esperanto for all I know. They also starred in the movie Wild Zero, in which they fought zombies, aliens and fans. What more could you ask for.

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