March 1, 2007

It's the first of the month- Say "Rabbits"

On that note, new month, new blog, same old government.

Where to begin...with the first the longest of journeys begins with that. Hopefully on the road less travelled.

So let's get on to it...

The music...
we'll have Punk Rawk, Garage, Pyscho-delic and whatever else I'm in the mood to excrete onto this site.
Tunes will be up for a short time, and then, much like our hopes and dreams, they'll be gone.

Who am I? Who are you? It dinnow matter do it?

We'll start with some punk rock...imma gonna post up single songs.. if you like what you hear...then go buy it. Support great bands...they deserve it.

So, where else to start off with than the fab four.. No not The Beatles... THE RAMONES

It's been said, and by better writers than me, that for all intents and purposes, they changed the game. As I am originally from the same hometown as Duh Brudders, I consider them my kinfolk.

Well, here's a few toonz from them...not stuff you can find on their mersh releases, so have at them:

First off, here's one from their 1975 First Album Demo's : Judy Is a Punk

We'll head over to Boston in 1977, you can hear Joey start off introducing this as "Our first song offa our new Sire album" Blitzkrieg Bop

The boys headed home to do a show at CBGB's in 77 : Glad To See You Go

Off to Dee Dee's homeland Germany in 1978 and Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

And then the heartland of the USA Northwestern University in 1979 with Commando

Finally, a show in 1987 in Sheffield England, here's Bonzo Goes To Bitburg

password is bleedinout

Have at em folks!

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Emerson said...

Hey there from I see somebody's getting to my site from yours. If I can remember I'll link to your MP3 blog thing. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Oceanside. Woo-hoooooo!