August 28, 2007

Cancer sucks

This is pretty cool. Here in the U.S. of A., "second base" is a term for getting access to boobage. So, some good folks out there came up with these Breast Cancer Awareness shirts. Hey, it's a good cause and the shirt is awesome. I plan on wearing mine to church.

More info on the origins of the shirt can be found by clicking on the shirt image or by hitting this link that will take you to a Newsweek story.

And here's another site called "Save The Ta-Ta's".



manicgirl said...

boy you're getting mushy.

Anonymous said...

Digging your site. Nothing better than a little Mudhoney followed by NoFX singing about boobs. Good times.

Unknown said...

Awesome site - thanks for the great toonage!


Zoooma said...

You shoulda also put up The Who's "Squeeze Box" -- would fit right in!